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Enrique Schickendantz.


Carlos Enrique Schickendantz is a partner of Fischer & Schickendantz (www.fs.com.uy), one of Uruguay’s leading law firms. He has practiced the professions of Attorney at Law and Certified Public Notary (Conveyance Attorney) since 1985.

Enrique was president and founder of Gap Servicios Fiduciarios, the first Fiduciary Company registered at the Uruguayan Central Bank as a professional fiduciary company.

Enrique has participated, among others, in the following deals:

  • structuring the financing of Pronto, one of the top three independent consumer finance companies in Uruguay, USD 6 M operation, 2008.

  • acquisition of part of the equity of the Global Protein Group – La Caballada (one of the largest meat processors in Uruguay), USD 10 M operation, 2009

  • equity raising for residential real estate project (Village del Parque), Montevideo, USD 5M, 2010

  • financing 2 contracts with UTE (the Energy State authority) for URUTRANFOR, 2011

  • financing of CASMU (largest HMO in Uruguay) in order to restructure short term liabilities and reduce its financing cost, USD 10 M, 2011

  • negotiation and closing of franchise agreement on behalf of J.H. Partners, a U.S. private equity firm, of Uruguay´s largest retail franchise: Gap stores, 2011; and Paraguay’s, 2013;

  • advising Minera Aratiri (Zamin Ferrous) on real estate and corporate tax law, including the negotiation and purchase of land for the project.

  • Minera Aratiri is the largest foreign direct investment project in Uruguay´s history (USD 3 Bn). 2009 – ongoing.

Enrique graduated from University of the Republic´s School of Law in 1988, and in the same year he obtained an M.B.A. degree from the Universidad Austral. Enrique is fluent in Spanish, English and German.

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